Fees: FAQ (Fees: Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the participation fee, and what does it cover?

*For JASC American Delegates: $3,000

︎︎︎This fee covers transportation between sites during the Conference, accommodations, food, and programming. Delegates are responsible for personal expenses (extra food, gifts, etc.) 

Does ISC provide any financial aid?

︎︎︎Through the Plant a Diplomatic “Tree” Scholarship Fund, ISC will provide one scholarship for each of its facilitated Conferences, including JASC. This scholarship will cover the full $3,000 participation fee (but does not cover delegate transport to the American Orientation site or from the final conference site). More details will be provided in January when we finalize our delegation. For more information regarding finances and a list of potential scholarships, please click here. Please contact ISC at info@iscdc.org or the JASC American Executive Committee at jasc@iscdc.org for any financial inquiries.

How many people usually receive scholarships?

︎︎︎~60-80% of delegates usually receive full or partial scholarships from their universities or through reaching out to direct sponsors. Currently, only one delegate from each ISC conference will be sponsored by ISC.

Estimate Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Each JASC typically recommends delegates to bring at least $175-200 since we do provide meals within the overall fee, but JASC does provide days without programming for delegates to explore the city and get to know other delegates. In addition, in an American year, fees are generally higher* due to taxes and tipping (especially in restaurants).