JASC Payment Timeline

ISC will sponsor one delegate for the full participation fee ($3,500) with the Plant a Diplomatic “Tree” Scholarship. Details will be provided before mid-February.

$500 Deposit – Due 2/7/23 or within 14 days of acceptance. This is non-refundable.

4/10/23 – $3000 Payment Due


Here are some tips for financing JASC:


Plant a Diplomatic Tree Scholarship

During these challenging times, many students are finding the financial and opportunity cost of joining ISC Conferences to be increasingly prohibitive, making participation difficult. This is especially the case for those with student loans or those who are entering a deeply uncertain post-graduation job market. The ISC Plant a Diplomatic Tree Scholarship provides a needs based scholarship for one accepted delegate for each conference covering the full cost of participation in JASC, KASC, and ChASC. Accepted delegates will be notified when applications open.

Applications Open: Mid-February

Scholarships Awarded: Mid-March

More information will be sent to applicants in the coming weeks. For any additional inquiries, please contact ISC. In the meantime, please explore the many other funding opportunities listed on this page.

Get in Touch

For questions regarding JASC finances, please contact Please include “finance” in the subject line of your email.