︎︎︎ An indispensable component of all JASC gatherings are the Roundtables, or “RTs” for short. There are 7-8 Roundtables. Each Roundtable consists of up to four Japanese Delegates and up to four American Delegates, and is led by one to two Executive Committee Roundtable Coordinators. We strive to have an equal number of Japanese and American delegates to ensure a balanced exchange of cultural perspectives.

Delegates are a part of a Roundtable in the entire Conference that focuses on a specific topic within the context of U.S.-Japan relations. During the Conference, delegates conduct original, personal research alongside their academic cohorts. Topics have historically addressed a variety of issues, ranging from international affairs and business to mental health and environmental sustainability.

RTs foster a unique setting that encourages delegates to confront their own assumptions, welcome the input of their peers, and breach difficult topics with honesty and sincerity as a means of contributing to a greater academic enterprise. RTs expose delegates to new outlooks, build trust, and foster mutual understanding between RT members. Through these intensive discussions on meaningful subjects, delegates gain a more nuanced understanding of their international counterparts and actively develop real world solutions in the context of the U.S.-Japan relationship.

JASC76 Roundtables 

  1. Welfare and Ethics

  2. Japan-US Relations in East Asia

  3. Social Movements and Human Behaviors

  4. Social Entrepreneurship

  5. Culture, Arts and Technology (CAT)

  6. Expression and Limitation

  7. Environmental Economics and Energy Policy (3EP)

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