JASC75 Guide

As a delegate to the 75th JASC, you will travel to three to four sites in Japan. All American Delegates will meet in one American city for American Orientation and fly together to Japan for the main conference. American Delegates will also be expected to complete a pre-conference academic project. During the conference, in addition to research-related activities, delegates will have opportunities to participate directly in panel discussions, make speeches, and lead small group discussions as well as special projects.

The JASC75 delegation will travel to Kyoto, Nagasaki, and Tokyo. Check out the site descriptions here for an idea of what you’ll be in for!

The participation fee for attending JASC is $3,500. This fee covers during-trip (including roundtrip ticket to Japan) airfare, ground transportation, housing and board, meals, and all conference-related activities for the entire month-long conference. To view a list of scholarships that may help offset this fee, please click here and view our Scholarship Opportunities. Schools frequently support their students’ participation through academic credit, scholarships, or grants. Please contact  jasc@iscdc.org for questions.

What is JASC?

The Japanese-American Student Conference (JASC) is a conference designed for and led by Japanese and American students. Prior to attending JASC, students are placed into one of seven unique Roundtables where they focus on a specific field of interest with Japanese and American peers. Roundtables serve as a way for students to build common academic foundations and ultimately examine that year’s programming through the lens of their respective Roundtable. The conference acts similarly to any other academic conference, hosting a variety of speakers and lecturers as well as hands-on experiences over the course of three weeks. Each year, JASC focuses on a variety of pertinent issues critical to the US-Japan relationship, including national security, the changing climate, among others.

Why should I apply?

JASC offers a plethora of academic and cultural learning experiences. In previous America-based years, this has included programming such as visits to the United Nations Headquarters, State Department and World Bank, simulations with institutions like KEI, alumni networking events hosted by the Japanese Embassy, and cultural experiences like tea ceremonies at Urasenke Tea Center. JASC’s breadth of programming puts students in front of leaders within a variety of fields, from diplomats in the State Department to executives at Citi Bank. The student-led, grassroots nature of JASC sets it apart from other exchange programs because it encourages students to foster authentic connections with their Japanese counterparts. These experiences and connections shape JASC delegates for the rest of their lives as they step up as leaders of their own fields.

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