International Student Conferences

About our Host Organization

International Student Conferences, Inc. (ISC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that operates educational and cultural exchange programs for university students representing the United States, Japan, South Korea and China. ISC’s programs provide an academically intensive and culturally immersive, month-long experience in which an equal number of students from the U.S. and a partner country live, travel and conduct peer-reviewed research together in a conference-like setting. ISC currently manages three flagship programs: the Japan-America Student Conference (JASC), the Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) and the China-America Student Conference (ChASC). In select years, ISC holds a U.S.-Japan-Korea Trilateral Forum, soon to be expanded to include China.

ISC’s programs are unique in that they are entirely student-run and student-led in nature. This feature not only ensures the ongoing relevance of the conferences’ subject matter but empowers the next generation of U.S.-Asia leaders to begin discussing the pressing issues they realize they will one day be tasked with overcoming as leaders within their local communities and on the world stage. As the students participate in roundtable discussions, field trips, seminars and networking events, they gain a more nuanced understanding of their international counterparts’ points of view, build trust and develop strong cross-cultural communication skills. By the conclusion of the program, delegates have built lifelong friendships and gained firsthand experience with people-to-people diplomacy. For these reasons, we like to say that our participants arrive at their Conference as “delegates” and leave as

In this way, ISC continues its mission of promoting friendship, trust and mutual understanding through international student interchange. By creating a unique environment in which full and frank conversations on sensitive topics take place, ISC's student conferences instill in their participants a dedication to dialogue, cooperation and open communication, and ultimately leave them better prepared to pursue peace in their lifetimes and engage with the world as globally-minded citizens.
Japan every year since.